The Teacher’s Pet – A True Crime Podcast

The Teacher’s Pet is a true crime podcast from The Australian about the cold case of Lynete Dawson, who disappeared 36 years ago.

Journalist, Hedley Thomas, digs deep into the unsolved murder and shines a spotlight on Lyn’s husband, Chris. All evidence suggests he murdered her and while two coroners found this to be true, he has not been charged and denies killing his wife.

It’s a sordid and intriguing story with a creepy twin brother, inappropriate/illegal relationships with the Dawson’s teenage babysitter and other school girls, and so many people just turning a blind eye to what Lynete was going through before she disappeared.

I gave true crime podcasts a rest for a while because they tend to get a bit much but thanks to my friend EJ for getting me hooked on this one.

Listen to The Teacher’s Pet.

Bowraville Podcast from The Australian


If you’re looking for a true crime podcast to fill the hole that Serial left, this is a great option. It’s a five episode podcast from The Australian¬†about the Bowraville murders. Crime reporter,¬†Dan Box, has been looking at an unsolved serial killing in Bowraville (NSW mid north coast) in the early 90’s. Three children, all killed within five months, all living on the same street. The case was handled appallingly from the start and no one has been convicted, despite some overwhelming evidence against a key suspect. Dan Box does a brilliant job at reporting on the facts and digging deep into Bowraville as a community – it’s history, racial tension and the impact the unsolved murders have had on the families of the children involved as well as the town of Bowraville. The episodes are short (around 20-30 min each) and are utterly gripping. Find out more and listen here or subscribe on iTunes and Android.


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