Buy Me Once Online Shop

Buy Me Once launched earlier this year and lets you shop online for products that last a lifetime. The benefits? Good for the environment and saves you money in the long run. It’s aims to be the go to place for finding the most durable products available from cutlery and clothing to luggage and children’s toys. They currently operate in USA and UK and are expanding. Learn more about the story behind this brilliant idea.

Wunderlist App


I love lists. I do not understand how anyone gets anything done without a list. Wunderlist is a simple list app that helps you get stuff done by letting you capture, share, and complete your tasks. I have a bunch of lists in there, e.g. groceries, present ideas for friends and family, books/movies/restaurants I want to try. My favourite part of this app is that I can make a list for my husband of tasks I need him to complete. I can put due dates on them and also email it to him when he’s lagging behind. He’s not naturally a list man but I’ve converted/forced him into it. He’s thrilled about my efficiency. Wunderlist syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access all your tasks from anywhere. Learn more or download.


Kondo Your Apps

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I’ve been on the Marie Kondo bandwagon for a while now. I loved her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. What’s not to love about getting rid of possessions that do not spark joy? No reason to stop at your house though. Her method works well with cleaning up your phone too. The result is that your device becomes task oriented instead of a cluttered time waster. It’s so easy. So satisfying. Do it.

Note To Self Podcast – Preserving Humanity in the Digital Age


Explores how to preserve humanity in the digital age. They just finished a great five part series on information overload and tactics to wrangle it called Infomagical where you take part in a series of experiments designed to help you find focus and discover clear thinking. More info on this podcast here.

Mynder App – Quality Screened Babysitters

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Works like Airtasker but for babysitting. All sitters are thoroughly pre-screened. There are no booking fees until you make your 4th booking. A $15 fee applies after that. The Mynder fees are $20-$25/hour and you can opt for light housework for an extra $5/hour. I’ve had a few babysitters through this service and they were all fantastic. Learn more or download the app.

Tips On How To Read More From James Clear

Reading doesn’t come as easily to me as it used to both from a time and capability perspective. I’m much more distracted these days.

So these posts on reading I hope to grow, particularly since I am going to attempt James Clear’s simple system for reading 30+ books per year.

James Clear writes about how small habits can change our lives, and society, for the better and has a best books of all time list to get you started.

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