Billabong Retreat – Yoga, Meditation, Nourishing Food, Only One Hour from Sydney

The vision at Billabong Retreat (located around one hour from Sydney CBD) is to create a healing space to reconnect with nature, ourselves and others, with the idea being that you will find peace of mind, contentment and discover wellness.

I know… it sounds trite (read about the wellness epidemic) but I did return home feeling more chilled and I credit that to:
(1) Getting out of town with a couple of girlfriends who rarely get the chance to drink tea and talk, uninterrupted
(2) Not having to get out of my activewear the entire weekend
(3) The beautiful organic vegetarian food
(4) Our enlightened, calm and wise yoga/meditation teacher who managed to convince us to carry on with meditation and gave excellent tips for how to incorporate it in our day. I’d go back just to be in her presence
(5) No wi-fi, patchy mobile coverage and alcohol being “strongly discouraged.”

There are plenty of accommodation options. The day spa offers a wide range of treatments if you want to amp up the experience. Check out the upcoming programs and book your stay.

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