Using Design Thinking to Get Unstuck in Life – A Hidden Brain Podcast Episode

It’s a new year – the time of year when many resolutions are made (and often broken) around how you think you should be living your life, so this episode of the Hidden Brain podcast ‘Getting Unstuck‘(#56) is perfectly timed.

It explores the psychological traps we construct for ourselves that keep us from living our best lives and why the normal questions we ask ourselves like ‘What should I do with my life?’ and ‘What does my ideal life look like?’ are counterproductive to getting us unstuck. Don’t write it off before you listen as waffle from a self-help guru or psychologist.

The approach comes from the technology world concept ‘Design Thinking’ which is about recognising your constraints, realising there isn’t just one answer, trying something, getting information from it, and then trying something else. The episode runs for 28 minutes.

Find out more and listen.

See my previous post on NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast.

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