The Other Side Isn’t Your Enemy – Upcoming TED Talk

This TED Talk with social psychologist and expert on the psychology of morality, Jonathan Haidt, was filmed a couple of days ago and will be available to watch on 8th November.

It sounds like a timely and worthwhile watch given the upcoming controversial US election. Haidt explains why people on the left and right don’t just disagree with each other these days, they actually think the other side is a threat to the nation and has advice on how to drop fear, reframe our differences and stop seeing other people as your enemy.

“Be more humble; you don’t know as much as you think,” he says. “Make an effort to meet someone on the other side. Only with people who challenge us can we find the truth.” Read more about the talk here and watch the talk on 8th November at

As a side note, there was a great article I read on this topic early this year.

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