Weiner – Political and Entertaining Documentary

A documentary following Anthony Weiner and the sexting scandals he’s now infamous for that subsequently collapsed his personal and political worlds, starting from his time in Congress through to his campaign for Mayor of New York City.

I was captivated by this film for many reasons:

(1) How anyone would want to have a documentary crew follow them around given the circumstances (he confesses later in the film that his intention was for some version of the truth to be told)

(2) His stunning and impeccably dressed wife, Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton’s right hand lady), and the way she dealt with his indiscretions

(3) His relentless drive and energy that kept him on the campaign trail despite the full on drama that was happening in every part of his life

(4) His name and wondering whether this would ever have become such a huge story and source of entertainment had he been fortunate enough to have a different surname (probably not).

It’s cringeworthy but highly entertaining.

View the trailer or watch it on iTunes.

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