Mercado – Spanish Restaurant in Sydney

My new favourite restaurant in Sydney. From the moment we walked in, the service, ambience, food and drinks were all faultless. It’s hard to keep this post short as there are so many things to rave about but here goes:

  • It’s Spanish and the menu is designed to share
  • Chef and Co-owner Nathan Sasi has worked for some of the world’s top chefs and it shows (read about the philosophy behind the food as there as big respect is paid to the produce and traditions they employ to get it to your table)
  • Stand out dishes were ‘Kingfish ‘jamon’ crème fraiche, horseradish‘, ‘Ortiz anchovy tart, roasted bull horn‘, ‘Salad of winter broccoli, farro, preserved lemon & pistachio‘ and ‘Hot buttered bun with soft shell crab & harissa
  • The ‘Penelope Cruz‘ cocktail (18 Kettle One Vodka, La Goya Manzanilla Sherry, Mandarin, Almond, Prosecco) converted my non cocktail drinking husband to declare that he may well become a cocktail drinker
  • My only regrets were that (1) I dined with a non meat eater (lovely as it was) so we didn’t even get to the rotisserie part of the menu and (2) we were so full that there was no room left for dessert or cheeses.

Read more about Mercado on Broadsheet and Gourmet Traveller.

Mercado is loacted at No.4 Ash Street Sydney 2000.

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