Chicken, Kale and Lemon Soup Recipe

chicken kale soup

A warming and nutritious soup I’ve made for friends and family that have requested the recipe soon after gobbling it down. Ideal to have batches in the freezer when you can’t be bothered pulling together a meal for yourself. I found this recipe when flicking through a magazine at the doctor’s years ago (so don’t have details to credit the author… sorry, please don’t sue).

You’ll need:
One whole chicken (preferably organic)
6 cloves garlic, halved
2 brown onions, quartered
2 sticks celery, cut into 5cm lengths
3 bay leaves
1 lemon
1 bunch kale
1/2 cup risoni
Salt & white pepper
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
Olive oil & chopped parsley to serve

Click through for full recipe


Snap Judgement Podcast: Unforgiven


Episode #612 of Snap Judgement titled ‘Unforgiven’ is one of the best I’ve heard from them. Three stories, each enthralling but if you only have time for one, skip to the last one at 38 min 30 sec called ‘The Silent Twins’. There just has to be a movie in this. If you’re not familiar with Snap Judgement, it’s best described (by them) as storytelling, with a beat, mixing real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Learn more about Snap Judgement here, subscribe here or listen to this episode online here.

Fight Information Overload – Podcast for Clearer Thinking


Back in March I posted about the Note To Self podcast that helped you fight information overload and rediscover the magic of clear thinking. In this latest episode, they are focusing on single tasking which was the challenge they found worked the best, the behaviour change most people wanted to keep and the one people found the toughest. It covers why multitasking is a myth, the price we pay for rapidly switching tasks, and provides an effective way to tackle information overload. I found the part around interruptions being self-perpetuating interesting and very true for me. Listen, download or find out more here. (Tip: skip the ad at the beginning and start at the 1:50 mark and you’ll finish it in under 20 minutes).

Bowraville Podcast from The Australian


If you’re looking for a true crime podcast to fill the hole that Serial left, this is a great option. It’s a five episode podcast from The Australian about the Bowraville murders. Crime reporter, Dan Box, has been looking at an unsolved serial killing in Bowraville (NSW mid north coast) in the early 90’s. Three children, all killed within five months, all living on the same street. The case was handled appallingly from the start and no one has been convicted, despite some overwhelming evidence against a key suspect. Dan Box does a brilliant job at reporting on the facts and digging deep into Bowraville as a community – it’s history, racial tension and the impact the unsolved murders have had on the families of the children involved as well as the town of Bowraville. The episodes are short (around 20-30 min each) and are utterly gripping. Find out more and listen here or subscribe on iTunes and Android.


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