Hubert – French Restaurant in Sydney

The short story: loved the new French restaurant in Sydney, Hubert, and recommend you go. The slightly longer story… the fit out is seriously impressive. They have done an outstanding job at transporting you to another era. I was less impressed when we were told we could wait for a table but we had to do so without a drink in hand as there was a wait to get into the bar even if you are on the list to dine there. I get the restrictions, the laws but this did not sit well with me. We strategised frantically… to stay or to go? We stayed, we got a table (and a drink) 30 minutes later. The bar menu was not to my husband’s liking given he’s a non meat eater (not their fault obviously and poorly planned by me for a date night) but we had the good sense to convey our frustration about the waiting without a drink issue and the fact we’d decided to go somewhere else. The super efficient and professional staff then completely turned our night around by offering us a massive booth in the bar, allowed us to order from the full restaurant menu and insisted our first drinks be complimentary. The food concept is fun, retro and unlike anything I’ve had before. Be sure to order the Melon en Surprise (Santa Claus melon, finger lime, sorrel jelly, young coconut sorbet $22). Have a game plan going in. See the menu. Book a table. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-1am, 15 Bligh St, Sydney

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