Richard Flanagan on Syria’s Great Exodus – Podcast


I’m going to preface this by saying that clearly the content of the podcast I’m recommending here isn’t a Very Good Thing, however, the way in which the message gets across is and in an ideal world this would be mandatory listening for every Australian. Richard Flanagan (author of The Narrow Road to the Deep North which won the Man Booker Prize 2014) talks to Richard Fidler (host of Conversations with Richard Fidler) about his visit to the Syrian border. Richard Flanagan was asked by World Vision to witness and report on what he saw as they were desperate to find new ways of alerting people to the crisis. They felt they were having trouble getting the message out about what was happening to refugees from Syria; that there was a weariness about it and that people had disengaged from the issue. Richard was reluctant to go as he wasn’t sure he could do as they’d hoped but thought if he engaged his artist friend Ben Quilty, they could do a better job together. He was adamant that he didn’t want to do it as part of a media circus nor come at it from the political/historical/religious angle. He wanted to write about the people he met and come at it from the human angle. Listen to this podcast and read Richard’s article for The Guardian.

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